Who Comes First?

Life for many is an exuberant feast in which we metaphorically stuff our faces with physical and visual stimulation till we overdose of satisfaction and move on looking for something new. Rare are the men whose attention is captured by one woman and that focus on targeted courtship. With a gluttonous spirit, men go after every women, counting on the numbers game in hopes that one will give in to their weak advances and fall victim to their bullshit.

Overwhelmed by techniques and taught to become magicians, newbs are pushed into becoming manipulative through literary supercharges, staying up all night reading seduction websites created by uneducated sharks, who’s only motives are exploitation of the needy.

If you feel  deep within you that what you’re reading is misleading or a dishonest approach, discard it with no second thought

I always tell the SeductionWar crew; Just like the analogy that you are what you eat… you are what you read. You learn ginormous quantities of techniques and listen to heaps of advice. You can’t seem to process it all. Come Friday night you hit the trendiest club that’s packed to the rafters. You’re with your best boys and maybe a girl tagging along too. You walk in jacked with swagger and unfounded optimism. A top notch selection of sexy girls is scattered before you.

To your demise, you made one fatal mistake that ruined every chance you had that night. How’d you f@ck up? You played the numbers game instead of focusing on a priority. Your ass was greedy and you paid for it dearly by trying to be a number wheeling whore. Your game was comparable to a fat kid stuffing his face at a pie eating contest.

You’re left scratching your head, asking yourself what you did wrong.   Not even the inebriated sloots wanted to rub your junk. Sad and depressed, you numb yourself to forget your reality.

It’s ok to be a newb, because you have to allow yourself to be a beginner

No one starts off by being the best. It could take months or years. The important thing is that you stick to the process and don’t ever settle for creepy shortcuts that ultimately piss women off.   The best way to find out what women want and how they like to be approached is to ask them. The totality of women will tell you that although some pick up techniques work on the spot, after a date or two they’ll see your true colors. Thus the importance to stay away from manipulation coaching and always be original in your approach.

To get on track, you have to take a cold shower to wake the f@ck up.

Start with selectivity; the adoption of a priority spotting system of who comes first. Instead of thinking volume, think quality. As soon as you walk in those doors, find your spot, get comfortable, study the girls and pick one that pleases you. Women are extremely observant and if they see you working every girl in the bar, they’ll automatically disqualify and categorize you as being just like every other loser out there. By limiting yourself to quality, you’ll come off as single but not desperate.

Not to mention that talking to every girl makes you look like an undesirable walking STD.

To permanently obliterate your desperation vibe, I suggest you try something innovative that I call the abundance mentality. It basically means you have to quit acting like there’s a short supply of women in the world. By indoctrinating yourself to think that women are abundant, you’ll stop empowering them and making them feel like you’re looking to fill an urgent need. It’s all about taking things lightly.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be rude and brush girls off

Just don’t talk to every woman like it’s your last conversation. Find middle ground between hopelessness and overconfidence. Focus on one woman at a time, avoid rubbernecking(jerking your head to look at other women) and always strive to be a true gentleman, that ‘REAL man’ that women dream about. I know he exists deep within you, it’s prying him out that’s the difficult part.

And remember that ‘who comes first’ is a quality driven mentality, it’s not about sniping a victim. It’s about setting your sights on the best possible candidate and unfearfully going after her fueled by the thought that this life is YOURS, you may not control the outcome but with no risk comes no reward.