What Women Want

It seems like every author, writer, blogger, columnist, psychologist, man, woman and extraterrestrial has their own version of what women want. Few have the same vision and those that do, un-creatively rehash the same desires, switch up the words and make it sound quasi interesting. The lord knows that of the couple dozen grey hairs I have, the totality is due to not understanding what women want.

The SeductionWar crew and I have been arguing all week about what women want. Naturally, every warrior and seducer has his point of view.

So after many hours of bickering, we ended the debate by voting on the 5 things WE think are most important to a woman; the things that they want the most. We also came to a consensus on an explanation for each one. Our list is very different than most out there and vulnerable to crazy debate on the forum. BUT, we think that if you can understand these 5 needs, it will greatly improve your chances. Because, before going after what you want, you have to understand the needs of the beauty you’re going after. So here it is…

The controversial SeducionWar list of WHAT WOMEN WANT

5- Awesome orgasms

The new reality of sexual satisfaction is very different from past decades. For the long run, “good”sex is not good enough. A woman will hang on to you HARD if you are”awesome”in bed. Amazing stamina, cunnilingus, controlling ejaculation and a toy and dick combo will have her screaming your name. If you don’t put in the hard work it takes to be amazing in bed, it’s not going to last.

Create an exceptional ambiance, give her unforgettable foreplay and make her FEEL like she’s the only one for you. Drive her crazy by teasing her and don’t be a mute in bed, express yourself! Don’t be one of many, be the BEST she ever had!

4- A baggage free man

Women HATE a man that hasn’t settled his past. Your unsettled past is a reflection of the man that you are today. It hangs over your head like a dark cloud. Bringing with it an unwanted sinister energy that follows you around like a bad virus. Women can sense a man with baggage a mile away. Whether it’s a psycho ex girlfriend that’s still after you or you still have feelings for your ex, she’ll feel it and send you packing.

If you’re still bitter about a past relationship, you may be emotionally unavailable. Thus carrying a heavy load of mixed emotions(baggage) and wasting her time and yours. So make sure you settle your sh*t  before getting involved.

3- A man with above average ambition

How many men out there are content with being average? Average job, average house, average vocabulary… average wardrobe. Mediocrity is the bullshit that will make her ignore you with no second thought. If you don’t have flavour, you’ll never stand out and get noticed. But more importantly is above average ambition. Having above average ambition is like you’re possessed by your dream and won’t let go till you make it a reality.

The aura that you give out through having high ambition is magnetic. Women are drawn to it because VERY FEW men possess it. Women love a man that aims higher than high and that aspires to achieve greatness. It’s contagious… in a good way; -)

2- A man with a high emotional IQ

Emotional what? That’s right… emotional IQ. It’s a man that can understand how a woman feels through empathy. It’s a man that doesn’t just have the capacity to listen, but to put himself in the woman’s position, sharing her pleasure or pain. It makes women feel like you’re a great supportive partner. In doing so, she’ll give you her unconditional and empathetic support in your times of need. So don’t just imagine what she feels, feel it with her and master your own emotions. Now that’s high emotional IQ!

1- Total transparency

Women are sick of games. You want to just bang? Say it. Do you want a relationship? Say it. Want to exclusively date? Say it, but don’t mislead her. There’s a tipping point where women get tired of a man’s B. S. and turn into bitches. By being totally transparent from the BEGINNING, you’re not propagating the”bitch cycle”(turning good women into bitches who then turn good men into assholes and so on).

Total transparency is being open about your thoughts and feelings regardless of her reaction. Women find a man that speaks with honesty”refreshing”. Raw unvulgar honesty is a very attractive quality and key for a lasting relationship.

We know that we failed to mention many seemingly important things, but remember, this is not a conventional generic list of what women want. This is the controversial SeductionWar crew list of what women want. Unscientific, it’s meant to create a debate within the community and raise self-awareness. What do you think women want?   Join in on the discussion and share your opinion. Talk to you soon!