4 Signs That He Loves You

Have you ever caught yourself asking «Does my boyfriend really love me?».   Some men can have trouble expressing the way they feel, especially to the woman they love. It can be hard when your boyfriend or partner seems to be giving off mixed signals, happy to be with you one moment and then seemingly indifferent the next. All men show love in their own way too, which can make recognizing it even more of a challenge.

Luckily there are some ways to tell if your boyfriend is really serious about you, even if he doesn’t tell you directly

There are common signs in a man’s behaviour that indicate he’s deeply in love. Once you learn to recognize what these signs are, you can then be sure that your guy loves you as much as you love him.

The 4 most common signs are

1. He makes your life easier.

If you find that your boyfriend is always trying to be supportive and helpful, rather than making your life more difficult, it’s a good indicator that he cares for you. Not all men show their love by writing romantic poems. Many men show their love and affection for a woman by doing things that will make her life easier. Even small things like cooking you dinner, or washing your car. It doesn’t have to be something big and flashy, just a small action that makes everything that bit simpler for you, and lets you know that he’s thinking of you.

2.  He like spending time with you

This doesn’t only apply to intimate time together. Does he enjoy just being in the same room as you? If you are going out to the shops, does he want to come with you? If you turn up unexpectedly at work, is he happy that you’re there? Does he make time to be with you on the weekend, or are you the one who always has to try and make the effort? If he likes being with you and spending time with you, it’s a fantastic sign that he is in love.

3. You talk together

Do you talk about the important things in life? Are you able to tell him about your dreams, your fears, and the way you are feeling about him? Is he able to talk to you too? If your boyfriend is really in love with you, he will want to know everything about you, and will want you to know everything about him as well. If you can communicate openly and honestly together, it’s a great indicator that he loves you.

4. Your joy is his joy

If your boyfriend is in love with you, your happiness will make him happy. If you have some exciting news like a promotion or a good result in an exam, does he get excited too? If his feelings match your own, then chances are good that the two of you have a very close bond. Likewise his pleasure should give you pleasure too. If you and your partner or husband share joys with each other, and also support each other through any sad times, then it’s a clear indication that what the two of you have something special. It’s a very good sign that he loves you!