4 Ways To Fix Your Broken Heart

A broken heart can feel just as painful as any other injury. When the love you have for someone stops being returned, or is never returned in the first place, it can be one of the hardest experiences for a person to go though. After a boyfriend and girlfriend (or husband and wife) break up, it can feel as though your heart will never mend. Luckily there are a few things that you can to help the healing process along:

1. Spend time with friends or family

Find the people who you could always count on, and spend time with them. It’s important to have a support base when you are feeling down, and being with people that you know love you and care about you is a very important part of broken heart recovery.

2. Get out of the house

Even if it’s just for a cup of coffee or to go for a walk around the block. It can be hard sometimes to get out and face the world, but you will feel better for it. If you end up just hanging around the house all day and all night, you will be stuck with nothing to do but think about your heart break. Go to a movie, visit your friends, take in a play or go have dinner at a fancy restaurant with a buddy.

3. Get into a hobby

It might be a hobby that you have always been into, or it could be something that you’ve always wanted to try. Having a hobby on another interest to focus some time and energy on is revitalising, and will help you keep everything in perspective. There are still plenty of fun things in the world to try and to experience, even without your ex.

4. Get regular exercise

Doing something physical is a great release when you are exhausted emotionally. Exercise can make you feel strong and confident, and also helps release a lot of the angst that can build up after a heart break. You can even apply all 4 tips at the same time by taking up an energetic new sport with friends!